Apple Watch Crash When Asked About The Weather


We expect you did not request your shiny new Apple Watch concerning the weather November 4th — you likely got a rude reaction. Most Series 3 owners reported their wristwear dropped (especially, the “springboard” interface resumed) when they requested Siri the way the weather was the day. It would not crash when they requested about weather following times, but the strange hiccup influenced users around North America and Europe. We have asked Apple for remark. That said, there is already a possible offender… and it is a comfortable one for iPhone users.

Reddit consumer rgsteele has speculated the crashing was associated with the ending of Daylight Saving Time. If you requested regarding the time after DST was in or over regions which don’t see it (including the Canadian province of Saskatchewan), you’re protected. And sure enough, the problem seems to be we have assessed both before and later, and it is now safe to inquire Siri if it is raining. The Apple Watch did not have this difficulty in preceding decades, but it is noteworthy that iOS apparatus had long-running alert along with calendar bugs linked to DST shifts.

There is no guarantee the timing switch is the origin, and it is not sure how much of this error would break in Siri’s servers enclosing the view computer software. But it is a safe wager that Apple will wish to avoid this from occurring again — you do not need a frequent voice control bringing all to a standstill daily from each year.


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